Contiguous United States 4,000+ Foot Prominence Completion Maps


This page is an index to cell-based completion maps for the 4,000+ foot prominences of the 48 contiguous United States. There are 147 peaks on the resulting map with a mean ("interpolated") prominence of at least 4,000 feet. Mount Ritter in California with a mean prominence of 3,990 feet is also displayed on the map since its optimistic ("dirty") prominence is 4,023 feet.

142 of these peaks have a clean prominence of at least 4,000 feet. The numbers alongside each map link are how many peaks the individual has climbed among this set.

The remaining 5 summits lie in the "error range" wherein their clean prominence falls short of 4,000 feet - Tin Mountain (CA), Toro Peak (CA), Chpaaqn Peak - also called "Squaw Peak" (MT), Holland Peak (MT), and North Gardner Mountain (WA).

In addition Mount Ritter (CA) and Mount Grant (NV) have an optimistic prominence of at least 4,000 feet; and should be climbed by anyone claiming they've reached the summits of all CONUS peaks that could possibly have 4,000+ feet of prominence.

All but five peaks lie in the western United States - Mounts Mitchell and Washington (both ultra summits), Mount Marcy, Clingmans Dome, and Katahdin.

The baseline completion map portrays prominence cells for these summits.
The following individuals contributed to its formation -

Detailed information for these 4,000+ foot prominences is available at There one finds the clean, mean, and optimistic prominences for all 149 peaks with at least 4,000 foot of optimistic ('dirty') prominence. also hosts the 4,000+ Foot Prominence Front Runners List.

Coloring and Interpreting a Completion Map

The same colors and similar rules for their use apply as for painting a county highpoints completion map.

Personalized color schemes are acceptable provided that a legend explains the meaning of each color.

The following facts enable correct coloring of eastern prominence cells -

The following facts enable correct determination of one's yellow ("home") glob
as distinct from one's remaining cells (painted blue).

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