Contiguous United States Top 100 Prominence Completion Maps


This page is an index to cell-based completion maps for the Top 100 prominences of the 48 contiguous United States. There are 103 peaks on the resulting map, having included Steens Mountain (Oregon), Mount Augusta (Nevada), and Remmel Mountain (Washington) since each has an optimistic ("dirty") prominence that exceeds the clean prominence of rank #100 - Mount Stimson (Montana). Hence any of these three could be on the true yet currently unknowable Top 100 list.

All but four peaks lie in the western United States - Mounts Mitchell and Washington (both ultra summits), Mount Marcy and Clingmans Dome.

The baseline completion map portrays prominence cells for these summits.
The following individuals contributed to its formation -

Detailed information for these CONUS Top 100 prominences is available at also hosts the Top 100 Front Runners List.

Coloring and Interpreting a Completion Map

The same colors and similar rules for their use apply as for painting a county highpoints completion map.

Personalized color schemes are acceptable provided that a legend explains the meaning of each color.

The following facts enable correct coloring of eastern prominence cells -

The following facts enable correct determination of one's yellow ("home") glob
as distinct from one's remaining cells (painted blue).

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