United States Ultra Prominence Completion Maps


This page is an index to completion maps for the 5,000+ foot prominences of the 48 contiguous United States. The 5,000 foot cutoff value corresponds to the ultra prominence list of 57 summits, of which all but two, as Mount Mitchell and Mount Washington, lie in the Western United States.

The baseline completion map portrays prominence cells for the ultra summits.
The following individuals contributed to its formation -

Edward Earl later prepared a baseline map owing to concerns about the accuracy of cell boundaries in the original baseline map produced by Aaron Maizlish. This map is available below under the link "new blank map".

Both baseline completion maps list prominences in feet, with clean prominence on Aaron Maizlish's map, and mean prominence on Edward Earl's map.

Detailed information for the 57 United States ultra prominences is available at
Aaron Maizlish's USA Ultra Page, and provided the (clean) prominences indicated
on the baseline completion map.

The greatest prominence in Wyoming is either Cloud Peak or Gannett Peak due to uncertainties in saddle elevations. Thereby both mountains feature violet print.

Prior to its eruption, Mount Saint Helens was a 58th ultra summit. Bob Bolton, Karen Jones, and other people can claim this additional summit even though it is not portrayed on the 57 cell completion map.

Peakbagger.com hosts the Contiguous USA Ultras Front Runners List.

Coloring and Interpreting a Completion Map

The same colors and similar rules for their use apply as for painting a county highpoints completion map.

Personalized color schemes are acceptable provided that a legend explains the meaning of each color.

Off-map cell juxtapositions should be accounted for when painting a map -

Note that Mount Cleveland has the largest of the USA 5,000 foot prominence cells as it includes all of eastern Canada.

Finally, the light green background color of Aaron Maizlish's map provides a more eye-appealing baseline color than is possible using plain white. The shade is light to make it unobtrusive compared with the vivid blue and yellow of completed prominence cells.

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