First Ascents for Utah *

* compiled by Bill Jacobs


In the following table the name of each county is followed by the date and surname of the first county highpointer(s) to have visited its highpoint(s). Virgin counties are indicated by "V" in the date column.

-------------- -------- -----------------------
Beaver8/31/1988 Bludworth
Box Elder6/30/1988 Bludworth
Cache8/31/1987 Bludworth
Carbon7/31/1988 Bludworth
Daggett8/31/1989 Bludworth
Davis8/31/1987 Bludworth
Duchesne8/31/1980 Packard
Emery8/31/1987 Bludworth
Garfield7/5/1984 Vitz
Grand7/31/1990 Bludworth
Iron10/15/1973 Vitz
Juab7/31/1990 Bludworth
Kane8/31/1988 Bludworth
Millard8/31/1988 Bludworth
Morgan8/31/1987 Bludworth
Piute8/31/1988 Bludworth
Rich9/30/1987 Bludworth
Salt Lake9/26/1992 Bludworth
San Juan8/3/1981 Vitz
Sanpete8/31/1988 Bludworth
Sevier7/31/1989 Bludworth
Summit8/31/1989 Bludworth
Tooele8/31/1987 Bludworth
Uintah8/31/1989 Bludworth
Utah10/31/1990 Bludworth
Wasatch9/30/1988 Bludworth
Washington10/4/1976 Vitz
Wayne7/31/1988 Bludworth
Weber8/31/1987 Bludworth

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