Addison County Highpoint Trip Report

elevation gain and Class rating information

Date: October 9, 2011
Author: Adam Helman

This effort was part of a larger journey to complete Vermont and reach the Ontario province highpoint in October 2011.

There is an estimated 175 feet of elevation lost in proceeding from Lincoln Gap to the summit of Mount Abraham. The majority of this occurs in the first half hour of hiking. Hence the total gain for hiking just Mount Abraham via this route is 1,600 + 2 x 175 = 1,950 feet.

There is also some 700 feet of elevation loss hiking north from Abraham to Mount Ellen of Washington County. Hence the total elevation gain for the combined effort, starting from and returning to Lincoln Gap, is 1,950 + 50 + 2 x 700 = 3,400 feet. Here 50 feet accounts for the net gain in going to Mount Ellen from Mount Abraham's summit, all figures rounded to the nearest 50 feet.

There are angled boulder slabs on-trail for the top 200 vertical feet just prior to summiting Mount Abraham from Lincoln Gap. This section suggests the hike to its summit be rated Class 2, and applies to use of the Battell Trail as well as it joins the Long Trail well below these boulders.