Essex County Highpoint Trip Report

updated trailhead information

Date: October 7, 2011
Author: Adam Helman

This effort was part of a larger journey to complete Vermont and reach the Ontario province highpoint in October 2011.

Denote as 0.0 mile the bottom of Radar Road. The "upper gate" is at 4.5 miles. However just before reaching it are some landmarks and junctions of note.

I parked my rental at 4.2 miles along a grass strip because of a seriously muddy section of road immediately prior to a junction at 4.3 miles, with coordinates WGS84 (44.63397° N, 71.81080° W). Bear right there (northeast), and disregard a side road heading left (north) over a bridge at 4.4 miles. The upper gate is apparent to your northeast.

From my chosen parking spot it took 1 hour 15 minutes for the ascent. I spent several minutes walking around the ruined summit structures, noting that some warn of asbestos exposure (which did not concern me). After a bagel with cheese I hiked down more leisurely, resulting in a 3 hour 0 minute round-trip.