Weston County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 27, 2005
Author: Adam Helman

Note: All NAD27 UTM coordinates are in zone 13T.

This effort was part of a larger journey in late May through early June 2005.

Previously posted reports are valid. The desired junction off of route 85 is at (573740 E, 4889150 N), and is not to be confused with a second junction just one-half mile northeast that leads nowhere for your purposes.

There is a junction immediately after exiting the highway and at (573964 E, 4889084 N). Here, take the broad Forest Service road as the right fork. Ignoring all side roads, drive to near the highpoint area, in dry weather, and park, as I did (and Andy M.) before me at a bend in the road with coordinates (575803 E, 4887343 N).

At this point you are a ten minute walk from the highpoint located roughly on a heading of 210° true. Avoid deadfall when possible.

As Andy M. noted there is a second contending highest fencepost along the state boundary, located perhaps 200 feet south of the "primary" fencepost wherein people have traditionally left metal coins embedded in the wood. This primary fencepost is at roughly (575636 E, 4887007 N).

I pounded a Russian fifty ruble coin into the fencepost, on the west side thereof about one foot from its top.