Garrick Meeker Detailed Glob Statistics
Garrick Meeker Detailed Glob Statistics

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In the upper table rows correspond to individual globs, and are listed in descending order of area.
Glob ranks by their numbers of counties, states, and maximum spans precede these statistics.

The center and two end-counties for each glob span are listed - and the
corresponding coordinates, rounded to the nearest 1/100 degree.

In the lower table floating glob data is provided, with the center county, three limiting points,
and their coordinates to the nearest 1/100 degree.

Mouse-clicking on a county name yields a regional road map.
Mouse-clicking on coordinates yields a 100,000:1 topographic map,
the central coordinates being their calculated, unrounded values.

See below for unclimbed link counts, spans and radii.

Glob 1 is the home glob -

    home county: San Mateo-CA
    home coordinates: (37.65, 122.48)
    home glob radius: 301 miles
    limiting county: Jackson-OR
    home glob span: 830 miles
    span center county: Fresno-CA
    span end counties:
    {Imperial-CA, Del Norte-CA}
    farthest distance: 562 miles
    farthest county: Imperial-CA

Glob 1 has the largest floating glob radius -

    center county: Mineral-NV
    center coordinates: (38.67, 118.29)
    floating glob radius: 229 miles
    limiting counties:
    {Harney-OR, Pacific Ocean, Millard-UT}

(sq. miles)
span centerspan end 1span end 2
(37.48, 119.07)
(32.76, 114.53)
Del Norte-CA
(42.00, 124.21)
(20.92, 156.64)
(21.11, 157.36)
(20.71, 155.93)
(34.82, 83.85)
(34.65, 84.16)
(34.99, 83.55)

floating glob
radius (miles)
center county
and point
county 1
and point
county 2
and point
county 3
and point
(38.67, 118.29)
(42.00, 118.33)
Pacific Ocean
(36.94, 121.87)
(38.75, 114.05)
(20.76, 156.29)
Pacific Ocean
(20.58, 156.19)
Pacific Ocean
(20.92, 156.15)
Pacific Ocean
(20.71, 156.50)
(34.86, 83.96)
(34.89, 84.11)
(34.74, 83.94)
(34.99, 83.96)

Link-Based ("Ubiquity") Statistics for Unvisited County Highpoints

contiguous 48 states -
The unclimbed link count is 37, extending from Union-GA (climbed) to Washington-ME.
The full county sequence is {Union-GA, Cherokee-NC, Monroe-TN, Blount-TN, Knox-TN, Grainger-TN, Hancock-TN, Scott-VA, Russell-VA, Tazewell-VA, Mercer-WV, Summers-WV, Greenbrier-WV, Webster-WV, Randolph-WV, Grant-WV, Garrett-MD, Allegany-MD, Bedford-PA, Huntingdon-PA, Juniata-PA, Northumberland-PA, Columbia-PA, Luzerne-PA, Monroe-PA, Sussex-NJ, Orange-NY, Dutchess-NY, Berkshire-MA, Bennington-VT, Windsor-VT, Grafton-NH, Carroll-NH, Oxford-ME, Franklin-ME, Somerset-ME, Aroostook-ME, Washington-ME}.

The unclimbed span is 1167 miles, extending from (34.99, 83.55) of Towns-GA (climbed) to (47.07, 67.79) at Aroostook-ME.

The unclimbed radius is 645 miles, centered at (39.11, 99.34) of Ellis-KS. The three limiting points are
(31.73, 106.38) at Mexico, (42.28, 87.76) at Great Lakes and (46.73, 91.94) at Great Lakes.

Alaska -
There are no link-based statistics since no borough highpoints have been climbed.

Hawaii -
The unclimbed link count is 2, extending from Maui-HI (climbed) to Kauai-HI.
The full county sequence is {Maui-HI, Honolulu-HI, Kauai-HI}.

The unclimbed span is 196 miles, extending from (21.11, 157.36) of Maui-HI (climbed) to (21.86, 160.30) at Kauai-HI.

The unclimbed radius is 33 miles, centered at (19.65, 155.52) of Hawaii-HI. The three limiting points are
(19.44, 155.98) at Pacific Ocean, (19.79, 155.03) at Pacific Ocean and (20.08, 155.29) at Pacific Ocean.

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