County Highpoint Front Runners

These lists were started by John Mitchler and previously maintained by
David Olson, Ken Jones, Jon Mann, and Clifford Young.

They are now automatically updated through password-enabled user accounts;
and a database developed and provided by Greg Slayden and Adam Helman.

Power Law distribution

Records for Individual Highpointers (by last name)

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Generic Records

50 State Completer

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  • Ubiquity ("all-over-the-map") Records
  • State Records

            State Completions - individual final counties and dates
            State Completions - year and month

  • Speed and Endurance Records
  • Family Affair
  • Effort Required to reach the summit
  • Repeat Ascents
  • Prominence
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  • For Amusement Only...
  • Foreign Lands
  • Oddball Categories