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First Ascent (FA) Lists

In the county highpoint group, first ascent credit for a given county's highpoint(s) is accorded the individual who made the earliest nike shox prezzi successful visitation of said highpoint(s) among all current county highpoint members.

It is acknowledged that the first visitation (i.e. first ascent) by anyone of a given county highpoint is likely to be earlier still for a county highpoint that is a mountain well known to the general climbing community.

First ascent information for county highpoints on a state-by-state basis are available by clicking on the desired state(s) from the following map.

State Completions
First state completions

      First state completion maps     (by Ron Tagliapietra)

      Final counties and dates

      Final counties map     (by Garrick Meeker)

      Completions indexed by year and month
County Completions
Century Club         Completion maps


        See the Front Runner Lists for a complete account of current county highpointing records.

Remove the ".county" "domain name" from some of the addresses above before using. It is present when the given individual wishes to foil web-crawlers that harvest e-mail addresses for spammers.

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