Baraga County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 14, 2008
Author: Adam Helman

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Mount Arvon (1,979 feet) - new, all-driving route

This effort was part of a larger journey collecting state, national park, and Canadian provincial highpoints in June 2008.

Drive Ravine River Road 7.2 miles, i.e. 0.2 mile farther than as described in Holmes, Highpoints of the United States. Bear right onto a side road here at WGS84 (46.75210° N, 88.14391° W), elevation 1,814 feet. Proceed 0.1 mile and bear right at a second junction with coordinates WGS84 (46.75641° N, 88.14535° W), elevation 1,786 feet. Continue to road's end and walk an obvious trail mere yards to the summit.

Mount Curwood (1,978 feet)

The State Highpointers have decreed that Mount Arvon is all one need visit. Given the closeness in Arvon's and Curwood's elevations (a mere 11 inches), this concept is not in the spirit of county highpointing practice wherein two summits within a foot elevation of one another would certainly both be visited for credit.

As of 2008 the directions given in Roy Schweiker's report remain valid. Bob Packard and I walked amid light drizzle to the summit mailbox - perhaps 200 yards horizontal from the road's end.

Arvon benchmark Adam Curwood benchmark
Mount Arvon benchmark Adam at Arvon's summit Mount Curwood benchmark