Quincy Koetz County Highpoint Records County Highpoint Records
Quincy Koetz County Highpoint Records

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Main Records -

      Century Club   167   
      High Five - alternative version   82   
      Counties in a Glob   64   
      States in a Glob   6   
      Home Glob Radius   0 miles   
      Home Glob Far Point   0 miles   
      Floating Glob Radius   125 miles   (San Bernardino-CA to {Lincoln-NV, Pacific Ocean, Imperial-CA})
      Glob Span   993 miles   (Coconino-AZ to Lane-OR)
      Glob Area   288630 square miles   
      Total Area   456811 square miles   

      CONUS link count   16 counties   (Walton-FL to Monroe-FL)
      CONUS unclimbed span   495 miles   (Walton-FL to Monroe-FL)
      CONUS unclimbed radius   286 miles   (Wabaunsee-KS to {Wallace-KS, Logan-AR, Osceola-IA})

      Detailed Glob Statistics     small print version      (Calculations will require several seconds....)

State-Based Records -

      State Completions   0

      Detailed State Statistics

Effort-Based Records -

      APEX highpoints   3   
      5,000+ foot gain highpoints   8   
      Triple Crown highpoints   3   

Prominence-Based Records -

      5,000+ foot prominence highpoints   36   
      2,000+ foot prominence highpoints   97   

Regional Records -

     Western County Highpoints:
      All   94    Contiguous 48 States   92   
     Northeastern County Highpoints:
      All   33    New England   26   
                     Mid-Atlantic   6   
      Southern County Highpoints   25   
      Midwestern County Highpoints   15   

      Pacific Coast counties   14   
      Atlantic Coast counties   3   
      Gulf Coast counties   1   
      Great Lakes shoreline counties   1   
      Canadian Border counties   7   
      Mexican Border counties   7   

Additional Regional Records -

      Fifty Highest county highpoints   14   
      Fifty Highest county highpoints in the Contiguous 48 States   16   
      Fifty Highest Eastern county highpoints   11   
      Continental Divide counties   6    Island counties   3   
      Appalachian Trail counties   25   
      Pacific Crest Trail counties   24   
      50 Largest counties in the Contiguous 48 States   22   
      Geographic Extreme counties in the Contiguous 48 States   0   

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