John Mitchler County Highpoint Records County Highpoint Records
John Mitchler County Highpoint Records

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Main Records -

      Century Club   663   
      High Five - alternative version   129   
      Counties in a Glob   206   
      States in a Glob   10   
      Home Glob Radius   162 miles   (Jefferson-CO to Deuel-NE)
      Home Glob Far Point   627 miles   (Jefferson-CO to Culberson-TX)
      Floating Glob Radius   189 miles   (Douglas-CO to {Deuel-NE, Sweetwater-WY, San Juan-NM})
      Glob Span   1117 miles   (Culberson-TX to Park-MT)
      Glob Area   392488 square miles   
      Total Area   893168 square miles   

      CONUS link count   8 counties   (Bedford-VA to Craven-NC)
      CONUS unclimbed span   235 miles   (Sussex-DE to Hyde-NC)
      CONUS unclimbed radius   191 miles   (Harney-OR to {Custer-ID, Clackamas-OR, Shasta-CA})

      Detailed Glob Statistics     small print version      (Calculations will require several seconds....)

State-Based Records -

      State Completions   3   CO HI IL

      Detailed State Statistics

Effort-Based Records -

      APEX highpoints   11   
      5,000+ foot gain highpoints   18   
      Triple Crown highpoints   6   

Prominence-Based Records -

      5,000+ foot prominence highpoints   28   
      2,000+ foot prominence highpoints   93   

Regional Records -

     Western County Highpoints:
      All   171    Contiguous 48 States   162   
     Northeastern County Highpoints:
      All   56    New England   23   
                     Mid-Atlantic   29   
      Southern County Highpoints   138   
      Midwestern County Highpoints   298   

      Pacific Coast counties   17   
      Atlantic Coast counties   15   
      Gulf Coast counties   8   
      Great Lakes shoreline counties   22   
      Canadian Border counties   10   
      Mexican Border counties   7   

Additional Regional Records -

      Fifty Highest county highpoints   42   
      Fifty Highest county highpoints in the Contiguous 48 States   46   
      Fifty Highest Eastern county highpoints   19   
      Continental Divide counties   30    Island counties   13   
      Appalachian Trail counties   27   
      Pacific Crest Trail counties   14   
      50 Largest counties in the Contiguous 48 States   19   
      Geographic Extreme counties in the Contiguous 48 States   1   

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