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Prominence Front Runners List

Mountains of America   Mountains of Mexico

Mountains of High Asia by Eberhard Jurgalski list and discussion

All 2850 French Summits with 150 meters prominence List compiled by Mark Jackson.

Second lap list for the 50 states, in  pdf format and discussion

Arizona 1K Prominence list

Arizona Prominence Maps, all peaks with 1K prominence, and some with less:


                                                    NW Edge   NW   NE

                                                     SW Edge    SW   SE

Arizona Prominence Confluence List  Nevada Prominence Confluence  Utah Prominence Confluence 

Mountains  of Sonora Mexico.  64 peaks with 2000' (610 meters) prominence. pdf  format  , as text

             on Google Earth - several of 64     1:770,000 map (6 meg)     1:1,200,000 road map (6 meg)

Mountains of Baja California on Google Earth

Erratum  for the County High Points book

Summits of the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson

2K prominence hikes, base map by Eric Noel, use Firefox browser or download file:  Andy Martin

Arizona USGS 7.5 minute quadrangles visited:  Andy Martin 

The  Mountains of the High Sierra, California, the Death Valley 1K peaks and discussion.

Deepest natural holes in the 50 states:  MapHole List and ExplanationList in pdf format

Tucson 10 ring list: On LOJ Club compatible: Explanation

Arizona Fire Lookout Information: list, Lookout Associationinfo

They don't call it Martinizing for nothing: insane drives

Some Mental Mountains to climb

                                                             County Highpointing Hazards

  Humorous State Quarters (some NSFW) 

Guide to the County High Points of Arizona (work in progress)

                                            Mount Lemmon, Pima County

                                            Maps: Summit areaSummerhaven to Summit, Drive from base of mountain

                                            All 15 high points shown on Google Earth