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All Connecticut county highpoints were completed by
Lanny Wexler as of 1997, and by thirty-seven
additional people since.
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Fairfield County - on NY State line 1 mile south of Branch Hill (1,290+ feet)

        topo chart / aerial image

Hartford County - one point 3/4 mile north of Hartland Pond (1,421 feet)

        topo chart / aerial image

Litchfield County - on MA state line 600 feet south of Mount Frissell (2,380 feet and State Highpoint)

        topo chart / aerial image

Middlesex County - Meshomasic BM (916 feet)

        topo chart / aerial image

New Haven County - two points SW of Lindsley Hill (1,050+ feet)

        topo chart / aerial image 1         topo chart / aerial image 2

New London County - Gates Hill (660 feet)

        topo chart / aerial image

Tolland County - Burley Hill (1,315 feet)

        topo chart / aerial image

Windham County - Snow Hill (1,200+ feet)

        topo chart / aerial image


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